Register Online Fir in UP police (Step-by-step)

Most criminal incidents are in such a place where the police station is very far away, in this situation, if there is no time to reach the police station to register an FIR, then the method of registering an online FIR comes in handy.

Online f.i.r. what is this?

Online FIR in UP

First of all, you have to understand which subjects and events you can file online FIRs.

Crime: Online f.i.r. on crimes like murder, theft and rioting at home or shop can be done. Within 48 hours of registering an online FIR, you have to show your presence in the police station and discuss your complaint. Because the police first investigates such incidents and if there is some truth in the information, then proceedings of the proceedings are started.

If you lose something: You can file online FIRs of missing or stolen documents, documents, mobile phone laptops etc. at the same time.

Online f.i.r. F.I.R. in Uttar Pradesh How to do?

In Uttar Pradesh, if you have lost your essential support card, marksheet document, mobile phone or other essential or valuable items at your home or any public place such as railway station, school, park or road etc., enter an FIR for it. .

If you file a complaint about a serious crime, you will have to reach the police station within 48 hours. Otherwise your complaint will be considered canceled and the police will pay attention to it, it will not be necessary either.

Before file an FIR, follow these steps:
This portal works on a laptop computer so open it in the Chromium Mozilla browser. You have a little trouble with mobile.

1. Create an account: To use the police web portal online, the citizen must have an account. For this, you have to go to the Citizen Portal of Uttar Pradesh Police. Click here to go.

On the web portal, you will see the "Create citizen Login" option, when you click on this option, a form opens.
Create an account to online fir in up police

Type your name, email address, Mobile number and select a new password for yourself and click the submit button.

2. Login: After the account is created on the portal, write to remember the password and email / mobile number. There you will see a login form.

Note: You must log in using its username or mobile number or email address and password.

Online FIR Registration Process in Uttar pradesh

After the login, the main process for filing a complaint begins. In the first page, you go to the first option "complaint" option in the "Permanent Guarantee Act" option and click on the "Add New Complaint" option. This process is completed in the following four steps.
  1. Complainant extension
  2. Incident Extension
  3. Complaint submission details
  4. Complaint extension
Please note and follow the next steps.

1. Complainant extension

To assist the police, the complainant has to give his full details.

Personal information (name mobile number birthdate)
Address (information about the country and the city of the country, the area of ​​the lane area)
Identity (Aadhar card PAN card or Voter ID card)

After providing the information, click on "Incident Extension" in the options given above.

2. Incident Extension

In this option, you have to give an account of the time of appreciation of the event. If an event persists with you for several days, then the option to describe the date from the date will also be given.

In this you have to give information about the location of the incident. Do not include your thoughts in this information. After providing the information, click on the "Complaint submission details" option in the above options at the same time.

3. Complaint submission details

This option has been given to direct police station or police station.

If you have information about station station station station area, then after clicking on the "yes" option, select the district and police station.

Then click on "Complaint Extension" in the options above.

4. Complaint extension

In this you have to file a complaint in your own words. In the first box given in this option, please describe your complaint and your comments / views in the second box.

For example-
  • What kind of event was with you?
  • How much damage have you done?
  • What was the intent of the criminals looking? e.t.c

If you have complained about missing documents, comment about them. Then click "Submit" in the options below.


In this way, you have online f.i.r. Has successfully completed Complaints have been lodged on the citizen portal of Uttar Pradesh. Find out the area's police station in 48 hours and go to them. If the missing mobile phone marksheets are required documents, then go to the police station and get the proof of the order and make new documents. If a complaint has been lodged against a serious crime, then the police station should go for action so that the police officers take this matter very seriously and take immediate action on it.