Register Online F.I.R in Delhi Police - If someone stole your luggage

If you are in Delhi and someone has snatched or stolen your valuable things, then you have to file a complaint in police. If you do not have the information about the nearest police station, you can register online FIR on the police complaint web portal itself.

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Delhi Police Property Theft Portal

Online web portal to register a burglary. If your goods are stolen, you can enter the complaint with full information here. To file a complaint, you must have an account on the web portal, you must create an account first.

- Go here to create an account

Step Ist : Creating Account

Creating Account
To create an account, after typing your name, your email address and mobile number in the given form, click on the sign up button.

After this, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the address you wrote. This is necessary to create an account and login to the web portal.

Step IInd : Validate OTP to Login

Validate OTP to Login
Fill the one time password received in the email into the box given in the form, and then click the 'Verify' button.

After this you will get the ability to register an FIR on the Delhi Police's web portal.

How to register Theft FIR in Delhi Police

After login: To register a new complaint, click the 'Register FIR' button as shown in the picture below.

Terms and conditions

You have to adhere to certain conditions of the portal. According to the terms of the portal you can write a report on the same matters in which your property has been stolen but you do not know the name of that person and the criminal. The offender does not belong to your family. The culprit is not your servant or your worker. At the same time no one has been injured in the incident.

Note: If an individual is injured in the incident and if you know the name of the suspect, then you need to contact the police station directly. And on such matters online f.i.r. Not accepted.

If you agree with terms, then you have to choose "YES" there. If you choose "NO" then you will not be able to register online FIRs.

Whether the Suspect is Known to you? =  Choose "NO"

Whether any one has been injured during the incident? Choose "NO"

Now ready to file FIR

In order to register the theft, you have to provide information related to the culprit and the incident in five stages on the portal. So patiently follow the steps.
  • Complainant/informant's Information
  • Type of incident
  • Suspect Details
  • Details of Property Stolen
  • Other Details

Step1- Complainant/informant's Information

Complainant/informant's Information online fir delhi
The complaint form will now open in front of you. In the first step you have to provide information about the complainant person who giving information about this incident. Provie your or informant's name and answer all other questions asked in the form. It is necessary to answer the questions marked with the star of the red color.

Step2 - Type of incident

Type of incident
In this phase, you have to give information about the type of incident. There are three types of events shown here.
  1. Theft
  2. Luggage Lifting
  3. pick Pocketing
Choose the type of incident that happened with you and then tell the location of the incident. If you have seen an unknown criminal, tell. If the crime was on a vehicle and you saw it, tell it.

Step3- Suspect Details

Step3 Suspect Details

Please note that you have filed this complaint against an unknown criminal. Therefore, in this option, the length and height of the offender should be reported accordingly. If there are more than one criminal, then click on the plus button to give information about the other culprit.

Step4- Details of Property Stolen

In this option you have to give information about your stolen property. If more than one baggage is stolen, then add the option by clicking the plus button and provide information about all the items.
Details of Property Stolen
How the incident happened, you can tell in your own words, then describe the incident in the box provided. It is not necessary, but if you  want, do.

Step5- Other Details

give Other Details to file online fir in delhi
You have to give your information to your government ID number. In this you get an extra box in which you can write all the information of the suspect.

If you want, you can proceed without completing this option and submit report by clicking on Register button.

Now, The first information report prepared by you is submitted to the Delhi Police's online web portal.

To check the status of the report or to submit another report again, you can log on to this web portal again using your same mail id or your mobile number.